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Our Mission

At Transform we exist to help people find hope in Jesus and transformation in life.

We believe change is possible. At Transform, we continually see lives and legacies changed by the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

What does this look like?


A Place To Go All In

On the journey as a Christian, there are some pivotal steps along the way. Step 1: Put your trust in Jesus. Step 2: Go public with your decision to follow Jesus - through Baptism. Baptism Sundays are a special celebration, in fact they’re our favorite days of the year at Transform!


A Place To Belong

Faith is personal not private. Life in community means: not walking through trials alone, building meaningful relationships and growing together. Join a group and find a place to belong.


A Place to Become

Growing in discipleship transforms more than just your own life. Its ripple effect extends to your home, work or school and community. Transform School equips you with knowledge and tools to deepen your faith and biblical understanding.

Core Values


Gospel Transformation

True and lasting change happens from the inside out. We believe that people's lives can be radically changed by Jesus when they better understand who He is and what He’s done for them.


Deep & Wide

Some churches are good at being deep. Others are good at being wide. At Transform we aim for being deep into God’s Word and discipleship and at the same time being wide-expecting new visitors and non-Christians to come and check things out.


Real Friendships

Transform is a warm and relational church. We want people to stay after services, get into groups apart from Sundays and make lasting friendships-experiencing more than just a good church service.


Community Impact

Transform is making a difference both near and far. We invest back into our community in hands-on ways and also partner with local, regional and global non-profits to extend our impact.



Transform started as a beneficiary of generous, multiplication oriented churches that sacrificed to start a new church plant. Since that time we have invested heavily in church planting and multiplication on a variety of fronts.