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Baptism is the outward symbol of an inward reality. In baptism we go under the water to symbolize we have been buried with Christ and come back out to symbolize our new life with Him. Baptism doesn’t save anyone, but it’s an important step to go public with your faith and identify as a follower of Christ.

We value people developing their heads along with their hearts at Transform. In light of that, every summer we offer classes called Transform School. These 8 week courses help people understand the Christian worldview, how to know and study their bibles, and explore Christian theology in order to deepen their faith.

Class Descriptions


Christian Worldview

Christians see the world through a different lens than the rest of the world. Our faith in God changes the way we interact with the world and how we interpret everything in our lives. Understanding the Christian worldview will help you observe in respond to life in a Christlike way.


Story of the Bible

Trace the major themes of the Bible and see how despite being made up of multiple books spanning thousands of years from many authors, the Bible, tells one cohesive story. It is a story of love, betrayal, and the ultimate redemption of Creation. Understanding the story God tells increases our understanding of God Himself.


Digging Into God's Word

The Bible is living and active, teaching, convicting, and showing us how to live as followers of Jesus in this world. However, the Bible is not always the easiest book to understand, and its message can get lost in the flurry of our lives. This class equips you to dig into God’s word and let the Holy Spirit guide your life.


Theology Capstone

Systematic theology is a way of organizing major biblical doctrines so we can have an overall picture of what the Bible says from multiple places. Topics include God, Man, Sin, Christ, The Holy Spirit, The Church and more. This class will equip you to think critically about the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What topics or classes are available?

Transform School consists of four classes that are offered in sequence-meaning you can’t take the second class until you’ve completed the first one and so on. The four classes are called (1) Christian Worldview, (2) Story of the Bible, (3) Digging into God’s Word, and (4) Theology Capstone.

Are there fees associated with any of the classes?

Three of the classes require a textbook to be purchased for roughly $20. Other than that there are no fees associated with the classes.

Is there childcare during the classes?

Yes! We know that one of the obstacles for adults taking classes and growing deeper in their faith is childcare. Therefore, childcare is offered free of charge during the classes at the church building.

Are there prerequisites or requirements for participating in the classes?

There are no educational requirements for participating in the summer classes at Transform. As they progress there is more homework each week but it is well worth the work to grow in your faith and knowledge.